Green Initiatives

Target Sports Canada

Green Initiatives

When one thinks of an indoor shooting range and training centre, the last thing people expect is an industry with an eye on recycling and environmental stewardship. However, for 10 years, we have been leaders in our field and have taken our corporate responsibilities seriously in this area:

One of the positive benefits of our “green” initiatives is the overall decreased costs and the positive feedback from our clients and members.

Our corporate policies and facility upgrades include:

  • The safe and ecologically sound recycling of our lead and metals from the expended ammunition.
  • The sorting and recycling of the brass, steel and plastic from the ammunition casings.
  • Recycling of the cardboard and paper in the facility
  • Our targets are all printed using vegetable inks on (high percentage) recycled paper.
  • We have removed paper towel from the bathrooms and installed low voltage “Dyson” hand dryers.
  • We aggressively recycle cans and bottles throughout the facility.
  • We have installed a complementary filtered water cooler to reduce “bottled water” to a minimum.
  • We have invested in low voltage florescent and LED lighting throughout the facility.
  • We have installed a complimentary “eco friendly”, solvent free firearm cleaning station for our client’s use (Enviro Circle by Walter industries).
  • We have switched all of our cleaning agents to “Esca Tech” brand which effectively deals with heavy metals, but is easy on city water treatment plants and the environment.

While we at TSC try to do “our” part, we applaud the efforts of all Canadians to protect the environment and show proper stewardship.


J.R. Cox
CEO – The Edge Group

For almost 8 years we have been proud to offer Canadians;
  • A family friendly safe and modern shooting facility capable of using up to .50 BMG calibre firearms.
  • Over 2000 sq feet of clean and well stocked retail featuring guns, gear and gifts
  • Two fully equipped classrooms with multi-media capabilities
  • Ample parking and a well lit lot