Un-Licensed Visitors

Target Sports Canada

Un-Licensed Visitors


TSC is open to the public for first time shooters.  We provide the GUNS, you provide the FUN.

Our mission is to provide a safe, knowledgeable, and professional atmosphere for people to learn proper gun handling, care, and treatment. We will give you the proper training to handle firearms with care through our various firearm training courses. In the past 10 years we’ve assisted over 100,000 people experience the joys of recreational shooting.  You can feel safe in our facility.

Our experienced staff will teach you proper firearm respect and handling for your time at the range.

Familiarization Range Program:

  • NO SINGLE SHOOTERS ALLOWED. If you are planning on coming please come with at least one other person.
  • All persons attending Target Sports Canada must fill out the WAIVER FORM if they plan to set foot on the range at all.
  • Canadian Residents: We will only accept government issued photo ID with proof of address (ie. Driver`s License or Ontario ID Card, Passport + something that shows you current address).
  • International travelers: Please bring your passport with you as form of ID
  • Our emphasis is for the shooters to have fun while experiencing shooting in a clean and safe environment Nobody impaired by alcohol, drugs or medication will be permitted to handle firearms.
  • A family friendly safe and modern shooting facility capable of using both rifles and pistols.
  • Over 2000 sq feet of clean and well stocked retail featuring guns, gear and gifts.
  • Two fully equipped classrooms with multi-media capabilities.
  • Ample parking and a well-lit lot.


How the pricing works is as followed. You need to purchase a range pass to use the facility, as well as ammunition for use with our guns. When looking at costs you just add the range pass fee with the ammo fee.

As a walk-in shooter, you have the flexibility to design your own shooting package. The cost to you is the appropriate day pass plus the cost of ammunition as listed below:

Range Pass:

Monday – Thursday – $42.00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays – $52.00



9mm – 50 Rounds = $50
.40S&W – 50 Rounds = $54
.45ACP – 50 Rounds = $60
.357 Magnum – 6 Rounds = $18.75


9mm Rifle – 10 Rounds = $18.75
.223 – 10 Rounds = $25
.308 Bolt Action – 5 Rounds = $18.75


12 Gauge – 5 Rounds = $18.75


We encourage coverage of the neck/cleavage area while shooting in case of stray bullet casings.

A ball cap is recommended for everyone to keep hot casings away from the face area

Sandals, flip flops, and heels are not recommended. Enclosed shoes are recommended for your safety.


Click on the BOOK NOW Button below and select a date & time. You will need to Read & sign Target Sports waiver (PHOTO ID MUST BE SHOWN UPON ARRIVAL). Add contact info for any additional people accompanying you. (Reminder at least one person has to come with you, they do not have to shoot but someone has to be here with you).

When you arrive there will be a short safety briefing including the range rules.

All safety equipment is provided!

Each person is then individually shown the correct handling of the firearms and will shoot under the direct supervision of a Range Officer.

Shooters will be coached on correct style and technique, our emphasis is for the shooters to have fun in a safe atmosphere.

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Recreational Shooting is Safe for the whole family

Try our real firearms in a safe, controlled and legal environment. We have everything you need including professional supervision to have a great experience.