Licensed Visitors

Target Sports Canada

Licensed Visitors

As of September 1st, 2015

Dear Fellow Shooter,

Thank you for your interest, as a licensed firearms owner to come and use our newly renovated facility.

Target Sports Canada is a member based facility.

This means; you cannot simply pop in with your own personal firearms and shoot unsupervised, regardless of a valid LTATT unless you have a membership.

We recognize that a full membership may not be practical for the occasional user, so we have created an “Associate Membership” to fulfill this need.

A holder of an “Associate Membership” card will let everyone know that you have successfully completed the Facility Familiarization and Safety Seminar” and can use the facility with your own firearms in an unsupervised fashion.  You can even bring in unlicensed guests and supervise them in our facility.

The courses are run on a regular basis and we provide all of the equipment necessary. The cost for this is included in your first Associate Membership with a reduction in cost for renewals.

An associate membership also gets a discount on the daypass fee for the user.

NOTICE:  Unlike a full membership; an associate membership does not allow weekend use and is limited to weekday use only (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays).

The Membership Cost: 

$125.00 + HST for the first year

$85 + HST for renewals

The Day use cost: 

$35 for a weekday day pass (as opposed to $42 as a walk-in)

Your guests are charged at the regular applicable rate for walk-ins

Things to consider:

  1. We do not allow steel jacketed or steel cored ammunition.  Basically if a magnet will stick to it, you cannot shoot it in our facility.
  2. We do not “rent” firearms.  An associate membership limits the individual to use our facility with their firearms only.
  3. All guests under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by their LEGAL parent or court appointed guardian.  We do accept fax or scanned copies.  However, we will call to confirm legitimacy.

  • A family friendly safe and modern shooting facility capable of using both rifles and pistols.
  • Over 2000 sq feet of clean and well stocked retail featuring guns, gear and gifts.
  • Two fully equipped classrooms with multi-media capabilities.
  • Ample parking and a well-lit lot.
what is Target Sports Canada

Recreational Shooting is Safe for the whole family

Try our real firearms in a safe, controlled and legal environment. We have everything you need including professional supervision to have a great experience.