Each Standard and Associate member in good standing may bring a maximum of two (2) guests onto the Range at any given time. 

All guests going onto the Range (shooting and non-shooting) must be signed in and wear a guest badge, clearly visible, while on the premises. Each guest going onto the Range must complete a Waiver each visit (Government issued photo ID required).

All shooting guests must pay the guest fee or present a coupon for each visit to the club.

Members are 100% responsible for their guests conduct while on the premises, and for any damage their guests may cause to Club property.

Guests must not be left unattended on the range.

A member and unlicensed shooting guest must share one stall at all times, the member must keep his/her guest under their direct supervision and within arm’s reach, at all times while on the firing line.

A member and licensed shooting guest (who have their PAL) are able to occupy 2 lanes at a time per visit, subject to availability (NOT available during peak times).


Thank you,

The Target Sports Teams


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