Now that you have experienced the exhilaration of the shooting sport, it’s now time to get involved and we at “The Edge Group” are here to assist you. Our focus is on education, training and safety.

While we do not mind supervising your time here, there will come a time when you will want to practice without the assistance of one of our safety officers. To help with this, we offer the complete array of courses and testing necessary for you to get properly skilled and licensed.

In order to own or even borrow a firearm, you must be properly licensed. This license is referred to as a P.A.L. (Possession and Acquisition License) This also applies to the purchase of ammunition. For the new shooter, there are two general categories (or levels) that licenses are issued:

Non-Restricted: These firearms are generally used for hunting and are primarily longer in length.

Restricted: This category is comprised of handguns and most military style firearms but NOT machineguns as sometimes implied by the media. These firearms can only be used at government approved ranges.

Once you have the proper license, the store or individual that you are buying the firearm from will call the Canadian Firearms Centre to conduct the actual paper transfer from them to you.

If you have a question, please look to the web for more details

How can I buy a firearm via mail or email?

As we have been doing this for over 10 years, we have gotten very good at the internet sale of goods.

To start, we will need your PAL number, full name, address, phone number, place of birth and payment method.

We do accept all major credit cards.

For restricted firearms we also require the name of your Gun Club. As soon as we have all the above information we start the firearms transfer. If you require a membership, we offer a low cost “associate membership package that is valid in all provinces that do not require the club to sign off after personally seeing you shoot (Ontario and Quebec).

When the transfer is started a reference number is issued, in the event of a query, i.e. a change of address that has not been reported, we pass on the reference number to the customer and a quick call on the 1-800-731-4000 extension 9026 and quoting the reference number should resolve any problems.

We legally will not ship a firearm until the transfer has been completed.

Are there any other categories of firearms ownership? If so, can I get one of these?

There are the following Firearm classes: Non-Restricted, Restricted, Grandfathered Prohibited, and Prohibited.

Since the late 1970’s, the Canadian Government has made changes to the lists of firearms “acceptable” for ownership. To avoid buying the firearms that became “unacceptable”, there came into existence six different Grandfathered Prohibited classes. Often referred to as “OIC’s” (Order’s in Council)

To be in these classes, you had to possess a firearm in that specific class (OIC) prior to the class was being created or you were not eligible. The classes are separate. If you do not currently possess a firearm in a grandfathered class, you never can, excepting possibly the 12.7 class.

These classes are:

12.2: (FA) Full Automatic

12.3: (CA) Converted Automatic

12.4: A small class, examples are: Sterling MK6, Steyr AUG, Uzi carbine, Mod A and mini Uzi

12.5: A large class of military style firearms, examples are: FN FAL, H&K, AK47s and their look-alikes.

12.6: Handgun All .25, .32 (some exceptions) and handguns with a barrel length of 105mm and less and registered before 14 Feb 1995

12.7: Prohibited 12.6 handguns inheritable by immediate next of kin that were manufactured before 1946.

Please note:

Your PAL should have all your classes listed on the back, if you think you should have a class that is not listed, you can have your PAL amended. You have not lost that class just because it is not listed.

There are many errors and misunderstandings concerning the classification of different firearms. Please feel free to contact us to seek additional clarification. However, we are not lawyers, nor do we represent the Canadian Legal system.

However, with the current categories, there are plenty of firearms to choose from!



To obtain your license, you must get “firearms safety” certified by passing a 2 part exam (a written and a practical) process for each of the levels above. You do not need to take the “restricted” testing if you only want a hunting rifle. However, you will need to pass both levels if you want to buy or use a handgun without close supervision in a facility like ours.

  • Our courses are all: Overseen by a Chief Instructor with over 20 years of teaching firearms safety internationally
  • Taught by qualified, experienced professionals with years of experience
  • Presented with modern techniques and equipment
  • Conducted in a clean, bright and safe setting