Agency Use

We welcome the many professional users that need to train and qualify in order to stay proficient with the “tools of the trade”. Our facility is suitable for dynamic shooting and with the electronic target systems, an agency or team can shoot to within 5 metres of the backstop.

With 10 x 25 metre lanes per bay available and modern classrooms, we can provide your organization with the means to run a clean, safe, and efficient practice or qualification cycle.

However, before we will allow a group or agency to book a bay in the facility; for the first time we will require the following:

  • A formal request on agency letterhead,
  • A contact person for accounts payable,
  • A contact person for the training curriculum,
  • Proof of liability insurance for the activities being conducted (private companies only)
  • A basic list of the firearms and ammunition to be used
  • A basic overview of the training to be conducted.

We rent the bays in ½ day and full day increments.

Contact the Agency Coordinator directly for a quote.

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