Target Sports Canada


Our Mission

To provide outstanding service, Supply quality products, Maintain superior facilities and Provide exceptional value to the shooting community.

Our Vision

Is to be the premier shooting destination in Ontario.

Our Corporate Values

Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Leadership and Community involvement.

It is our intention and desire to mirror these ideals everyday so that everyone involved benefits.

It is too easy to simply follow which is why we have chosen to lead the way.  We take a progressive and modern approach.  The “status quo” is not simply good enough.  You expect more and deserve more.

With 24 shooting lanes, professional staff and decades of experience, we can assist anyone for the first time novice up to an accomplished Olympian.

For almost 8 years we have been proud to offer Canadians;
  • A family friendly safe and modern shooting facility capable of using up to .50 BMG calibre firearms.
  • Over 2000 sq feet of clean and well stocked retail featuring guns, gear and gifts
  • Two fully equipped classrooms with multi-media capabilities
  • Ample parking and a well lit lot
what is airsoft

Airsoft Is An Active Sport And Not For The Faint of Heart!

Airsoft weapon often resembles real firearms, but the replicas shoot small plastic 6mm BBs. In its nature, airsoft is similar to first-person shooting video games, and it allows experiencing realistic battle and tactical scenario gameplay.