Un-Licensed Visitors



At Target Sports Canada you can try shooting a gun with no license or experience!

We run a walk in program that allows people to try shooting under the supervision of our licensed range officers.

This program runs everyday of the week, during operating hours.

Feed that desire to come and try a Glock pistol or an AR15 rifle!

We operate on a WALK-IN, FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE BASIS, pending availability of Range Officers and space on the range.  Due to the time constraints to provide a proper safety briefing and a satisfying range experience, these safety briefings will not be started in the last two hours of store operations each day.  We don't want to rush our clients through the process and take your hard earned money for a sub-par experience!

Please be aware that weekends are extremely busy.  Depending on how many people are waiting in line, you might not be able to get on the range. We strongly recommend you call ahead the day of your visit to check on availability at (905) 888-8288. 

*Please Be advised due to high volume of customers on the weekends and holidays, we tend to set up an assorted package to give you a variety of firearms to shoot.

This compiles of about 35 rounds of assorted ammunition and the cost is usually $105.00 each. Each weekend the guns are different but we guarantee you will have a good time.

Familiarization Range Program:

  • NO SINGLE SHOOTERS ALLOWED. If you are planning on coming please come with at least one other person.
  • All persons attending Target Sports Canada must fill out the WAIVER FORM if they plan to set foot on the range at all.
  • Canadian Residents: We will only accept government issued photo ID with proof of address (ie. Driver`s License or Ontario ID Card, Passport + something that shows you current adddress).
  • International travelers: Please bring your passport with you as form of ID
  • Our emphasis is for the shooters to have fun while experiencing shooting in a clean and safe environment Nobody impaired by alcohol, drugs or medication will be permitted to handle firearms.

Reservations are available with our GROUP BOOKING Package (see below for further details). Please be advised that we need a few weeks warning and there is a non-refundable deposit required if there are cancellations.



How the pricing works is as followed. You need to purchase a range pass to use the facility, as well as ammunition for use with our guns. When looking at costs you just add the range pass fee with the ammo fee.

As a walk-in shooter, you have the flexibility to design your own shooting package. The cost to you is the appropriate day pass plus the cost of ammunition as listed below:

Range Pass:

Adult Monday - Thursday (18+) - $42.00 

Adult Friday, Saturday, Sunday And Holidays - $52.00

Accompanied Youth - $25.00

As an unlicensed shooter, you cannot purchase ammunition.  It must be supplied by us and used up before you leave the facility.  We only provide full boxes of new factory ammunition to ensure safety and reliability.



9mm 50 Rounds = N/A

.40S&W 50 Rounds = N/A

.45ACP 50 Rounds = N/A

.357 Magnum 6 Rounds = N/A

.44 Magnum 6 Rounds = N/A 

.50 A.E.Desert Eagle 5 Rounds = N/A 


9mm Rifle 10 Rounds = N/A

.223 Bolt Action 10 Rounds = N/A

7.62x39 10 Rounds = N/A

.308 Bolt Action 5 Rounds = N/A


12 Gauge Buckshot 5 Rounds = N/A


GROUP BOOKING PACKAGE-  Please be Advised, To group book you need 8 or more people and it has to be done a few weeks in advance!

  • To make a Group Booking, please e-mail admin@targetsportscanada.com.
  • Reservations are to be made at least 4 weeks in advance on weekends and 2-3 weeks in advance on weekdays. Please note that there are a limited number of time slots available per day. Bookings can only be held for 15 minutes from your scheduled/confirmed start time. After which, your time slot is cancelled and we reserve the right to serve your group on a first come, first served basis if time permits.

For more information please click here.


We encourage coverage of the neck/cleavage area while shooting in case of stray bullet casings.

A ball cap is recommended for everyone to keep hot casings away from the face area

Sandals, flip flops, and heels are not recommended. Enclosed shoes are recommended for your safety.


Read & sign Target Sports waiver (PHOTO ID MUST BE SHOWN). Then there will be a short safety briefing including the range rules.

All safety equipment is provided!

Each person is then individually shown the correct handling of the firearms and will shoot under the direct supervision of a Range Officer. 

Shooters will be coached on correct style and technique, our emphasis is for the shooters to have fun in a safe atmosphere.

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