Thank you for your interest in “Target Sports Canada”.

While we may seem like we are the new kids on the block, rest assured knowing that the ownership and senior management of this organization have a long and distinguished background in the shooting sports.

Our facility has just completed a $400,000 renovation project. Some of the key upgrades include:

Inside the shooting bays:
Modernized air filtration system
Significant security upgrades 
Improved range baffling and backstop
Improved lighting

Inside the building:
Modernized retail area
Upgraded washroom facilities
Improved lounge area with free WIFI and satellite TV
Improved classrooms with AV capabilities

Upgraded parking 
Improved outside lighting
Improved landscaping for both aesthetics and safety

As you can see, we have, in our biased opinion, rebuilt this range into the nicest, most modern indoor shooting facility in Ontario.


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